[Restock] Jogo Gratuito Steam: Hell Survive

Jogo: Hell Survive
Plataforma: Steam
Giveaway/Passatempo: Leva-me para o giveaway!
Requisitos: Conta no gamehag (regista-te aqui para me dares o referral https://gamehag.com/r/407144 obrigado!), instalar App e realizar tarefas.

Acerca deste jogo:

The epidemic swept the whole world. Zombies are looking for food, which is all living things on the planet. Doctors are trying to fix the epidemic and save the world. You are a mercenary who must destroy as many zombies as possible, because only you can reduce the population of evil and hungry zombies. The more you kill a zombie, the more chance you have to choose ammunition.

Control the sight and kill all enemies around.

Pixel graphics with a wonderful sound. A lot of zombies and cartridges.

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