Jogo Gratuito Steam: Cowboy's Adventure

Jogo: Cowboy's Adventure
Plataforma: Steam
Giveaway/Passatempo: Leva-me para o giveaway!
Requisitos: Fazer login com a steam, instalar um plugin (chrome - recomendo desactivar o plugin depois de obterem a chave), youtube, twitter e realizar tarefas.

Acerca deste jogo:

Cowboy hat, boots, leather chaps, pistol, lariat, and spurs were functional and necessary as well as fascinating. The cowboy is identified with courage and devotion, manhood typified by the cowboy. This all our hero took with him to the underworld, where he faces many dangers, obstacles, traps. He will try to get out of this hell, let's see how well it will come out ... In the Cowboy's Adventure, you have to bypass all the dangers that await the main character. Each action is worth considering several times, than to begin to solve, because they are very mean and dangerous ... Otherwise you will not get out of the closed circle of the underworld.

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