Jogo Gratuito Steam: Zombie Pop

Jogo: Zombie Pop
Plataforma: Steam
Giveaway/Passatempo: Leva-me para o giveaway!
Requisitos: Conta no gamehag (regista-te aqui para me dares o referral obrigado!), instalar App e realizar tarefas.

Acerca deste jogo:

Survive at all costs, you are a zombie who was lost in the port. Jump from the support to the support and collect as many coins as possible. Supports are different, some supports are covered with ice, and also a rubber covering, which springs. If you fall, all the glasses will burn. Click on the zombies with your mouse, take the courses, selecting the trajectory of the jump. Release the cursor, the zombie will jump.

A physical game where you control the Zombie, pointing the vector of the jump, you need to jump from platform to platform. Action proryshodit in the seaport. In the background, ships sail.

Pixel graphics, hardcore gameplay and a very hard game.

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