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Simple Valentine's Day Quiz!

1. It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without this beautiful flower. Do you know what it is?
A Rose

2. No doubt this is exactly what your Valentine's Day will look like. But in which month is it celebrated?

3. This city is a popular destination at Valentines, as it is known as ‘the city of love’. Where is it?

4. The story of Romeo & Juliet is one of the most romantic (and tragic) of all time. But where would you go to visit Juliet’s balcony?

5. For those who aren’t coupled up on Valentine's, don’t worry! You can celebrate SAD instead. What does this stand for?
Singles Awareness Day

6. Love is older than Saint Valentines! What is the name of the Ancient Greek goddess of love?

7. Speaking of ancient love, way before ‘Posh & Becks’ or ‘Bennifer’, there was ‘Adam & Eve’. But what did Eve do to get them kicked out of paradise?
Ate the forbidden fruit

8. In the US, the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day is flowers. What’s the next most popular? Chocolate

9. Staying with the US, the city of Portland has a special claim around Valentine’s Day. Do you know what it is?
Residents here spend the least on Valentines Day

10. Take a look at this romantic figure in London’s Piccadilly Circus. Do you know who is being depicted here?

11. Valentine’s Day has been officially celebrated on its precise date thanks to the designation by an English king. Do you know who he was?
Henry VII

12. Chocolate is a big part of Valentine’s celebrations across the world, but one African country takes it to a whole new level, designating it ‘Chocolate Day’. Which of these is it?

13. One country celebrates a tradition called ‘Ystävänpäivä’, or ‘Friends Day’, which is nice for singletons. Which country is it?

14. Saint Valentine was actually a bit of a rebel. What was his form of rebellion against the Roman Emperor?
He married couples against the Emperor's will

15. Japan is known for its unique twist on traditional festivals. Whilst on Valentine’s Day, women are expected to buy men presents, on what day is the favour supposed to be returned?

White Day

16. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love! Which Italian city saw a gay-pride flash-mob take over Nettuno Square in 2012?

17. In Medieval times, fair English maidens used to put a specific type of leaf on their pillows to help dream of their future husbands. What type of leaf was it?
Bay leaf

18. The Valentine’s Day massacre is probably one of the least romantic things to happen on this day. Which gang was targeted by the killings?
The North Side Gang

19. We mentioned earlier the Ancient Greek goddess of love. But how did she bring her wrath upon the figure depicted on the right?
She made his stepmother fall in love with him

20. Varieties of this traditional romantic gift in the picture are popular in several different regions. But where would you find this specific variety?

Simple Valentine's Day Quiz!

1. What do we celebrate on Valentine’s Day?

2. What is the name of the Roman god in the picture?

(Pode acontecer passar logo para a pergunta 5)
3. Who does Romeo fall in love with?

4. What day will Valentine’s Day fall on in 2018?

5. Two birds are often used to symbolize love. Do you know what kind of bird they are?

6. If you are attracted to someone, what feeling is it said that you get in your stomach?

7. Do you know how to complete the name of this jazz standard? ♫ My _____ Valentine ♫

8. Do you know what a spoof Valentine message is called?
A Vinegard Valentine

9. Which famous pop singer gave her acting debut in the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’?
Taylor Swift

10. Do you know what nationality St Valentine was?

11. Do you know which of these animals mate for life?

12. Do you know which symbol is illuminated on the Empire State Building every Valentine’s Day?
A heart

13. In Norse Mythology, who is the deity of love?

14. This mausoleum was made as a tribute to a lost love, do you know where it can be found?

15. Do you know which poet wrote these lines?
William Shakespeare

16. Do you know which of these pictures shows a ‘kissing gate’?

17. Do you know which groundbreaking treatment was launched on Valentine’s Day?

18. Do you know who this statue is of?

19. What language is this ‘I love you’ written in?

20. This place was built for love during the 18th Century. Do you know who built it?
Louis XV

(se passaste lá atrás para a pergunta 5 então tens mais 2 perguntas)
21.  Annabelle is taking the train to see her boyfriend on Valentine's day! The train is 100 meters long and it takes 30 seconds to cross a 400m bridge. What speed is the train going at?
60 Kilometers per hour

22. The chocolate factory is preparing a delivery of Valentine's chocolate boxes. In a single container they can fit eight large chocolate boxes or ten small chocolate boxes. They send ninety-six chocolate boxes in one day using more large boxes than small ones. How many containers did they use?


Simple Valentine's Day Quiz!

1. Let’s start with the basics. It’s a scorching hot day and there is a heatwave in your town. Which of the following should you NOT do during a heatwave?
Eat large protein-filled meals

2. Okay so you've managed to survive the heatwave. But there is something else brewing… Yes, it’s possible that a tornado follows a heatwave. There is no time to evacuate. Which of these things should you do?

Go into the cellar

3. You are doing well, but suddenly you hear a siren (also known as an air-raid or tornado siren) Try not to panic! Tornadoes can last from several seconds to more than an hour. However, most tornadoes last less than _______ .

10 minutes

4. Phew that was close! You are okay and your house is not badly damaged. However, the town is flooding… Which of these statements is NOT true when it comes to floods?

The only way to survive a flood is to swim through it and find safety

5. Your survival skills SCORE will be determined by your ability to think on your feet! Your neighbour has just told you that everyone needs to evacuate. Which of the following should you do?

All of these things

6. Your survival skills are pretty good so far. But still be aware. You might have heard that floods can increase the spread of waterborne diseases such as:

All of these diseases

7. You’ve managed to get out of the flood zone. Your survival techniques are tops! You receive a phone call from a friend who is currently in South America. There has been a terrible earthquake! What piece of advice do you give them in case there is another one?

 Go out into the open

8. You’re really working your way through some tough situations and you’re getting closer to finding out your survival skills SCORE! Don’t give up now. Tell us if you by any chance know what is used to measure an earthquake?

 A Richter Scale

9.It turns out that it was just a small earthquake and your friend is safe! Which of these statements is NOT true when it comes to earthquakes?

 California will eventually fall into the ocean due to earthquake

10. It’s been a big week! You want to get some rest so you catch a plane to a tropical resort. You are just about to bite into a delicious fish burger when you realize that people are running away from the beach. Someone screams ‘TSUNAMI!’ What should you do?

Try and reach higher ground

11. You really are a survivor! Or an action hero? You’ll find out soon enough when we add up your survival-skills score! Which of these movies is not about a natural disaster?


12. You survived the tsunami but unfortunately your hotel has been severely damaged. You can’t go back there, so you hitch a ride with a local who takes you to the camping grounds in the forest. He gives you a tent and a ranger offers you some supplies for the days ahead. Which of these bundles do you take?

Matches, knife, food & water, medical kit

13. A fellow camper wants to trade you some food for paracetamol tablets. You want something to keep you going. Which of these has the highest energy?

100g of macadamia nut

14. You’re really close to finding out if you actually would be able to survive a disaster! But oh no, you’re running out of drinking water. Which of the following methods is not recommended for purifying untreated water?

Freeze the water completely, then melt it to drink

15. You’ve made it through the last 3 days of camping! You really need a shower, so you join a bunch of fellow campers who are on their way to a Bed and Breakfast for some rest. You lay down on the soft bed and suddenly hear the storm. Which of these should you not do DURING a storm?

Use electrical devices plugged into a wall outlet

16. You’ve been through so much already and we’ll shortly tell you what your chances are of having survived some catastrophes. So let’s prep! If you are storing food in case of disaster, you should know which one of these lasts the longest.


17. Pretty soon you’re going to find out how good your survival skills are! But when it comes to food storage, which of the following statements is wrong?

It is 100% safe to eat bread with some mold on it as long as you remove the moldy parts

18. Please don’t eat the pasta that is way past its expiration date! To stay on the safe side, do you know what is the shelf life of dry pasta after exceeding its use-by date?

 1 to 2 years

19. Oh wow, you’re still standing! Here is a question that everyone wants to know! Tropical storms and hurricanes are the only kinds of storms that get a name. Do you know why?

 Because it helps with forecasting, tracking and reporting

20. There has been some pretty MEAN hurricanes over time! Which one of these is not an actual Hurricane?

Hurricane Coal

Easy English Spelling Bee!

1. How do you tell someone a secret without being overheard?

2. Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham…

3. How do you spell the bird in this picture?

4. Where is this couple having dinner together?
A restaurant

5. What do you call the head teacher of a school?

6. What do you call someone who doesn’t eat meat?

7. Who makes sure that everyone follows the rules in a game of football?

8. What is the name for a small town in the countryside?
A village

9. What do you call a very large snake?

10. What do you call a country which is different from your own?

11. In English we use contractions to make two words into one. Which of these contractions is incorrect?

12. What do you call somebody who steals things?

13. In which geographical region is Bermuda situated?
The Caribbean

14. Where would you go to bid for an item?
An auction

15. What do you call the piece of paper you receive when you buy something?

16. Do you know the difference between effect and affect? Which one of these sentences is correct?
The teacher had a good effect on the boy's grades

17. How do you spell the vegetable pictured here?

18. You should wear a helmet when you ride your…

19. Shakespeare is the world’s most famous…

20. Many people get confused about when to use ‘some’, ‘any’, ‘no’ and ‘none’. Can you fill in the blank? We don’t have _͟ coffee left.

21. Which month does Valentine’s day fall on?

22. Do you know how to spell the type of French bread pictured?

23. What are Celsius and Fahrenheit both measurements of?

24. Harry’s dad made fun of him in front of his friends. How did that make Harry feel?

25. In which part of the world do polar bears live? [ou] Which of these is an example of personification?
The arctic [ou] The stars winked at me

26. A common grammar mistake is to mix up ‘who’s’ and ‘whose’. Which of these sentences is incorrect?
Who's books do these belong to?

27. What is the name for the seeded red fruit in this picture?

28. What should you use to blow your nose?

29. Eva is feeling very stressed, who should she go to talk to about it?
A psychiatrist

30. What do we call the monarchs of ancient Egypt?

31. Can you name the type of Italian ham pictured in the photo?

32. A person acting strangely is… [ou] Which of these is an example of a simile?
Weird [ou] My love is like a red rose

33. R&B stands for _͟ and Blues [ou] Which of these is NOT an example of a paradox?
Rhythm [ou] You can't save money by spending it

34. Jane Austen’s most famous novel is called ‘Pride and...’

35. What is the name of this type of dinosaur?

36. Do you know what the name is for an ear, nose and throat doctor?

37. What was Indiana Jones’ profession?

38. Knowing when to use ‘less’ and ‘fewer’ is often something people find difficult. Which of the following sentences is WRONG?
There's less apples in the garden today.

39. Many English speakers mix up ‘who’ and ‘whom’. Do you know which of these sentences is incorrect?
Okay, who do you agree with?

40. Do you know the name of this underwater creature?

Quick 2 minute quiz

1. What is the largest penguin of them all?
Emperor penguin

2. Baba Ganoush is not only an excellent word, but it's also the big rival of hummus on the dinner table. But what is the chief ingredient in this tasty dip?

3. Human sacrifice has been a part of many cultures throughout history. Which of these indigenous groups is not thought to have participated in mass human sacrifice?

4. Kefir is a popular fermented drink originating from Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Which of the listed facts is untrue?
It contains Helicobacter Pylori

5. Miss Piggy is arguably the most fabulous muppet (and pig) of them all. But which of her quotes isn't quite right?
"There is only one gift you should accept on a first date - jewelry!"

Super Easy Valentine's Day Game!

1. Can you unscramble this picture into the right order? (ROSES IMAGE)

2. Do you know which cute critter comes next in this series?

3. Charlotte has given Ron a BIG bar of chocolate for Valentine’s day! He decides to break the bar into its individual squares to share with their family. The bar is six squares long and thirteen squares high. How many times will he have to break the bar?

4. Henrietta receives a Valentine’s card from a secret admirer. The admirer uses the codename ‘Dgplcokp’. Henrietta cracks the code and replies using the name ‘Jgptkgvvc’. What is her admirer’s name?

5. Mrs Brown gets her class of 21 children to stand in a circle. She chooses the child in the first position to give one of 21 Valentine’s cards anti-clockwise to the person next to their neighbour. The children keep passing the cards in this pattern until they all have one. The child at which position is last to receive a card?

Quick 2 Minute Quiz!

1. You can find both red squirrels and grey squirrels in the British Isles, but which one was there first?

2. Diaries have been kept by many, but which of these diarists is a fictional character?
Adrian Mole

3. Brexit was a big surprise for some! But which of these regions voted in favour of Brexit?

4.Are you ready for a brain twister? Murphy can row at 5 kmph in still water. If the velocity of current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and come back, how far is the place?

5. Many of the world's great rivers are dammed. Where would you travel to check out this great big dam?

Easy Christmas Quiz

1. America is home to a national Christmas tree! The tree is traditionally lit by who?
The US President

2. Which of these statements is correct regarding Bing Crosby’s hit ‘White Christmas’?
It is the best selling Christmas song of all time

3. The Three Kings famously brought baby Jesus some lovely gifts. Which of these wasn’t one of them?

4. Candy canes; the funnest way to rot your teeth! But do you know why they were invented in the first place?
To keep kids quiet in church

5. Due to its pagan roots, we also honour plants at Christmas time. But which of these yuletide plants are commonly called ‘phoradendron’ or ‘tree thief’?

6. According to The Bible, which animals were present at the birth of baby Jesus?
None were mentioned

7. ‘Myrrh’ is well known for being the most difficult word to say in kid's Christmas Nativity Plays. But what was it commonly associated with when presented to baby Jesus?

8. The Royal Christmas Message is a big part of Christmas for many Brits. How many monarchs have broadcast it to date?

9. A special Christmas cake is passed around at Christmas time in Macedonia. What is usually hidden inside?
A coin

10. Some Christmas traditions are pretty nuanced. Which of these do Norwegians do on Christmas eve?
Hide the brooms

11. Ooh la la, Christmas in France is a classy occasion. But why is it called ‘Noel’?
It refers to 'the good news' of Jesus' birth

12. Christmas is celebrated by lots of different Christian sects. On which date does the Orthodox Community usually begin Christmas celebrations?
5th January

13. According to Australian urban legend, when Santa rocks up to Aussie shores, he ditches the reindeer and instead enlists the help of six kangaroos known as _______.

14. These are a popular addition to the Christmas table throughout the UK. What wouldn’t you find inside?
A sprig of mistletoe

15. Christmas trees don’t just look pretty, they give out lovely life-giving oxygen. An acre of Christmas trees will provide oxygen for how many people?

16. “I’ll ask Mrs. Klaus”. This is a shopping mall Santa code used in which situation?
When a kid asks a difficult question

17. Take a look at the traditional Sinterklaas celebrations. They take place in which country?
The Netherlands

18. Japan has some curious Christmas customs. What are single ladies over the age of 26 at Christmas sometimes cruelly referred to as?
Kurisamu Keki (Christmas Cakes)

19. The theme of the White House Christmas tree is famously chosen by the First Lady. Who chose the theme ‘joy to all’?
Michelle Obama

20. This house played host to one of the most successful Christmas movies EVER. But which one of these quotes from the film isn’t quite correct?
"Buzz, your girlfriend... MEOW"

 Spot the Difference - Valentine's Day Edition!

1. Let’s start with an easy one – can you spot which image is different?
B (saia azul)

2. Roses are red… but which one is different?
C (pétala topo direita)

3. I’d pick you any day! Can you spot the difference?
A (folha dentro do vaso)

4. Looks like she’s got something special for Valentine’s! Which one is different?
C (bola branca do presente)

5. Sweet as can be! Are you eagle-eyed enough to spot which one is different?
B (smartie do meio é roxo em vez de verde)

6. Who colors your world? See if you can spot the difference here!

D (o azul do lapis de cor é mais claro)

7. My heart is melting… Which one is different?
A (um dos grãos da direita está deslocado)

8. Life is like a box of chocolates… can you work out which image is different?
c (pano debaixo da flor)

9. You bake me crazy! Can you spot the difference?
B (pétala da rosa à direita é maior)

10. Sweets for my sweetheart! Can you spot the difference?
D (em baixo à direita é amarelo em vez de azul)

Easy Christmas Quiz!

1. Christmas wasn’t such a good time for Mr. Scrooge until some poltergeists gave him a little visit. How many ghosts came to see him in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

2. Everyone loves Christmas! Also the Christmas tree! Click on the play button of following video and get information of your next question about Christmas Tree!
(which of these is not usually used as a Christmas tree decoration)
D (wool)

3. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without CHRISTMAS MOVIES. Which of these Christmas films is also the highest grossing live-action comedy of all time?
Home Alone

4. People love to give special name to kids, who get born in special time, like Christmas. Watch the next video and get your question!
(one of the following names is a popular name for girls born over Christmas in France)
C (Noelle)

5. Do you attend church at Christmas? Well in one of these countries it was technically a legal requirement to do so until 1969. Do you know which one it is?
Great Britain

6. It’s not just lions and witches rocking up in Narnia. Which Christmas character makes a cheeky appearance in C.S. Lewis’ classic children’s series?
Father Christmas

7. Christmas tree farmers have to use some pretty outrageous tools to harvest their trees, such as ______.

8. Different countries have different festive folk tales. Which country has a legend of a guilt-ridden witch who flies around on Epiphany Eve giving out presents?

9. Christmas is all about “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”. But what on earth is ‘The Nutcracker’?
A Christmas Ballet

10. Teddy bears are a popular gift at Christmas time. But which of these bears are the best swimmers?
Polar Bears

11. Christmas Island is the most festive place on earth (by name). It is an external territory of which country?

12. ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is peak Christmas time viewing. But why is the main character often seen looking rather sweaty?
It was filmed during a summer heatwave

13. This plant is a favourite at Christmas time, but it was actually considered sacred by the druids of old. Why?
It survives winter

14. Christmas traditions infiltrate all areas, including the military! Which of these is a tradition for members of the British Army on Christmas day?
The officers serve the soldiers, instead of vice versa

15. Reindeer and all their antlered friends are popular guys at Christmas time. But why are caribou called caribou?
It means 'snow shoeveller' in French

16. Christmas dinner is a feast all over the world! But the peoples of which land typically serve 12 dishes on Christmas day?

17. Frankincense was famously presented to baby Jesus, though what he did with it is anyone’s guess. In which present-day country are the ruins of a UNESCO heritage site which was once called “The Land of Frankincense?”

18. ‘Heilger Abend’ refers to German Christmas eve, as you well know. According to folk tales, many exciting things are supposed to occur, but which of these isn’t included?
Rainbows light up the sky

19. ‘SantaCon’ has become an annual anarchic celebration in which thousands of Santas storm the streets demanding Christmas, for some reason. Which of these cities has not played host to SantaCon?

20. Take a look at this festive impressive thing! It's typically associated with which country?

Answer the easy questions correctly to win! (Ultimate Entertainment Quiz - Animal Quiz)

1. Let’s kick of with this absolute babe. What’s not a common name given to this animal?

2. This guy might look sad, but he’s really just contemplating the infinity of the universe. What species of bird is this?

3. The stag beetle is an intimidating and confident fellow, isn’t he! But what are those things on his head called?

4. Handsome, yet cuddly. What animalistic idiom is being referenced here?
A wolf in sheep's clothing

5. A dazzle of zebras is an appropriate collective noun for these beauties. But they were also trained to pull chariots in the colosseums of Ancient Rome under what alias?

6. Tadpoles are the larval stage for an amphibious creatures, obvs. But what other name do they go by?

7. An adorable assortment of Easter loving dogs. But which dog breed is not represented here?

8. This little critter loves to stay in its shell, venturing out only to copulate or upgrade to a better one. What is it called?
Hermit Crab

9. This bright neon looker can grow up to 2 meters long. It’s known as the green _____ python.

10. This long-snouted fella loves to feast on ants and termites. But which surrealist artist took one for a walk around Paris in 1969?
Salvador Dali

11. This pine marten is not only bloomin’ cute, but it featured in a British fantasy series as the physical manifestation of the protagonists soul. Which series are we talking about?
His Dark Materials

12. The term ‘cuckoldry’ usually refers to a father bringing up someone else’s kids unbe-knownst to them. It is derived from the habits of which cheeky bird?

13. You might know that a mule is a cross between a donkey and horse, but what the hell is a hinny?
A cross between a male horse and a female donkey

14. You might recognize this freaky guy as the axolotl. But in which category does it fit in?

15. There are three species that fall under the ominously named gang known as ‘Vampire bat’ that feed exclusively on blood. Which one of these isn’t one of them?
Spectral vampire bat

16. Hornbills are renowned for their epic beaks. But this guy is the dude for which Indian state?

17. Black panthers are dam cool and they know it, but depending on where they are situated, the name ‘panther’ refers to a different species. A black panther found in the Americas is a black _____.

18. There is only one place on earth where this extraordinary scene takes place. Do you know on which Japanese island it is?

19. Human encroachment can have a profound and sometimes devastating effect on animal populations. What is the current status of this creature?

20. Finally, hark upon this noble sea lemon! But in which taxonomic family does it belong?

 Answer the easy questions correctly to win! (Solar System Quiz)

1. OK, quiz lovers and children of the solar system! Let’s get started. First of all, which of these is the centre of our solar system?
The sun

2. Now, let’s go even bigger. In which galaxy is our solar system located?
The Milky Way

3. One of the planets is famous for being a little freaky. It’s actually tilted on its side, the great big goofball. Which is it?

4. Venus is known for its hellishly hot surface temperatures. But it has other distinctions too, such as ______.
It rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets

5. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been observed by astronomers since the 1600s. But what is it exactly?
A storm

6. To our knowledge, one planet is home to the biggest volcano in the solar system. Which planet is it?

7. The sun’s influence spreads far, far beyond it’s immediate area. Which of these would you use to describe the ‘bubble-like region of space dominated by the sun’?
The Heliosphere

8. NASA blew us space geeks out of the water and into the stratosphere when they announced that one of Jupiter’s moons could be capable of sustaining life. What’s the name of this moon?

9. In 2006, a controversial decision was made by the International Astronomical Union regarding one of the planets. What was it?
Pluto relegated to "dwarf planet"

10. Finally, take a look at this moon. Not much of a looker, is it? It belongs to which planet?

 Answer just 10 easy questions correctly (The Nature Quiz)

1. Let's start with our amphibian friends. Is this a frog or a toad?

2. The dove is a symbol of what?

3. You’ll find these guys romping around South America, generally having a lovely time. But which of these species is bigger?

4. Not just a pretty flower, this plant also gives us which of the following important spices?

5. This animal is known for its intensely soft fur. Which historical region does it inhabit?

6. This big boy is literally having a whale of a time! What kind of pig is this?

7. A majestic wood! But what kind of forest is this?


8. This bird might look like your old history teacher, but it's actually a ______ .

9. According to Japanese folklore, what anatomical part of these guys allow them to carry out various magic tricks and transformations?

10. The flowers of this bush is native to parts of Europe but has a surprising fragrance. It reeks of_____.

Answer just 10 easy questions correctly (Wonders of the world)

1. You can't even consider the Seven Wonders of the World without thinking about these bad boys. To which modern country would you go to visit them?

2. Babylon was home to one of the most wondrous of the Seven Wonders by all accounts. Which was it?
The Hanging Gardens

3. Whilst there have been several lists featuring Great Wonders, the classic 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient' world are restricted to seven specific constructions. Which of these is one of them?
The Statue of Zeus

4. Today this is a bustling port city. But it was once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Which city is it?

5. The poet Antipater of Sidon was wowed by one of the Seven Wonders in particular. Fill in the gap in the quote: ‘When I saw the house of ______ that mounted to the clouds, [the] other marvels lost their brilliancy, and I said: “Lo, apart from Olympus, the Sun never looked on anything so grand”.’

6. Now you might remember the names of the Seven Wonders, but do you know why 'seven' was such an auspicious number in ancient cultures?
Due to the five planets plus the sun and the moon

7. The Statue of Zeus was the wonder of wonders which overlooked the games at Olympus. Do you know who it was sculpted by?

8. Here is an artist's impression of one of the Seven Wonders. Which of these facts about it is not quite correct?
It featured scenes of Roman battles

9. This island isn't just an absolute stunner, it was also home to one of the Seven Wonders. Do you know which one?
The colossus

10. If we refer to each of the seven wonders by the first letter of its name, which of these is correct in terms of the order in which they were built?
P, H, T, S, M, C, L

Do you know all the bacteria hotspots in your home?

1. Which place in your bathroom is often neglected and the site of most bacteria growth?
Toothbrush Holder

2. Think of your handbag (or all the stuff you carry with you every day) – what do you think has the most bacteria?

3. Which of these things is the most contaminated with bacteria?
Kitchen sink

4. Which room in your home has scientifically the most bacteria?

5. If you are in someone else’s home, which spot should you avoid touching? Select the spot with the most bacteria:
Door handle

6. In your kitchen there is one spot that contains much more bacteria than a toilet seat. Which is it?
The crisper drawer

7. Which thing should you replace at least every six months?
Toilet brush

8. Which of these things contains 200,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?
A sponge

9. What can have the most negative affect on your health?
Flushing the toilet without closing it

10. Which of these devices hosts the most bacteria?

Ice-Cream Picture Puzzle

1. Let’s start with an easy one – which square fits into the space?


2. What’s the scoop? Let’s see if you work this one out…


3. This ice cream was mint to be – which square fits the space?

4. That’s a lot-o-choco – can you figure out the right square?

5. Is this your flavorite? Let’s see if you can find the missing piece!

6. Try and find the missing square on this delicious looking bowl!

7. Has your brain freeze kicked in? Find the missing square!


8. Let’s hope we’re not driving you nutty… which square is missing?

9. Can you work out which is the missing piece? Anything is popsicle!

10. Go shawty, it’s sherbet day! We’ve made it EXTRA hard for the last question – can you solve it?

Maths Puzzle Quiz

1. 45 x 2 + 66 – 1 =

2. 89 x 65 x 32 ÷ 2 =

3. 84 × 65 × 98 ÷ 65 =

4. 99685 x 6325 x 6 + 32 =

5. 87 × 63 + 36 + 225 ÷ 2 =

6. 57 × (89 + 69) × 66 =

7. Please watch this video to answer the question.

8. Find the midpoint between the two points (1, -7) and (-1, -23).

9. Solve 8[7 - (6x - 6)] + 6x = 0.

10. Solve 5[8 - (9x - 7)] + 6x = 0.

Easy Cartoon Quiz (Disney Quiz Challenge)

1. Who was the original voice for Mickey Mouse?
Walt Disney

2. What number is Pocahontas in the official Disney Princess line-up?

3. How many Dalmatian puppies are in Pongo and Perdita’s litter?

4. A famous Disney Movie partially takes place in this city

5. Snow White asks the dwarfs a question. 2 of them are lying and 3 can only say the truth. Bashful: " Dopey lies, if Sleepy is honest." Dopey: "If Happy doesn’t lie, then Bashful or Sleepy do." Happy: " Sneezy lies, as does Bashful or Dopey." Sleepy: "If Dopey is honest, then Bashful or Happy do as well." Sneezy: "with Bashful, Happy and Sleepy, there is at least one liar." The compulsive liars are?
Sneezy & Dopey

Allgemeinwissen Quiz

1. Was sind Frösche?

2. Die Weltrekordzeit für die 100m ist:
9.58 Sek

3. In welchem Land kann man diese Brücke sehen?

4. Welches Tier ist auf dem Foto zu sehen?

5. Von welchem Land ist diese Flagge?

6. Welche von diesen war nie eine olympische Sportart?

7. Welcher der folgenden Katzenrassen ist eine Langhaar Katze?
Angroa Katze

8. Wie viele Wörter hat die deutsche Sprache?
5,3 Millionen

9. Welches Gewürz wird aus dieser Blume gewonnen?

10. Wie viele Schnitte sind nötig, um eine Torte in genau 8 gleichgroße Stücke zu teilen?

Spot The Different Ice Cream

1. Sie sehen alle zum Anbeißen aus, aber welche der drei Eistüten unterscheidet sich von den anderen?

2. Ein Traum von Erdbeere! Kannst du ausmachen welcher Eisbecher anders ist?

3. Es geht nichts über Eis in einer knusprigen Waffel! Welches der Beispiele weicht von den anderen ab?

4. Am liebsten alle vier auf einmal! Kannst du den Unterschied finden?

5. Jemand einen Eisbecher? Finde den Unterschied.

6. Die süßen Sünden sind die verführerischsten! In welcher Eistüte ist der Unterschied versteckt?

7. Schok-o-delicious! In welcher Waffel versteckt sich der Fehler?

8. Alles so schön bunt hier! Einfach nur zum Anbeißen - aber findest du den Unterschied?

9. Kannst du den Unterschied in dieser verlockenden Kombination aus Schokolade und Vanille entdecken?

10. Darf es ein bißchen mehr sein? Nicht einfach zu sagen wo, aber einen Unterschied gibt es!

Find Baby Baldo (Where's Baby Baldo)

ATENÇÃO: As letras mudam de sitio mas acho que os painéis não, portanto os painéis serão:

1. Baldo has always been a bit of a prankster. He’s especially cunning when it comes to hiding. Can you find him in this crowd?
Painel 1

2. He’s lost in the world of Lego now! Can you find him?
Painel 2

3. The marketplace is so busy today. Can you find baby Baldo somewhere in it?
Painel 3

4. What’s all the fuss about in this crowd? Can you see Baldo anywhere?
Painel 1

5. This looks like a friendly bunch of people. Maybe we could ask them if they have seen Baldo anywhere?
Painel 4

6. Oh it’s so noisy in here with all these school kids! Surely one of them has seen Baldo?
Painel 3

7. Is there anyone here not wearing some sort of colorful sweater? It certainly makes it harder to see Baldo! Have you found him yet?
Painel 3

8. We’re at the football finals! The kind lady at the popcorn stand just told me that she saw him. Can you see baby Baldo anywhere?
Painel 4

9. Baby Baldo is lost and needs to find his way home, can you help him? The Wilson family don’t live next door to Baldo's family. The Buxton and Jones family are next door neighbours, and the Wilsons live to the left of the Buxtons. Which house belongs to Baldo's family?

10. Baby Baldo and his family are all going to a family reunion! At the reunion there is a grandmother, a grandfather, two mothers, two fathers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, a mother-in-law, a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law. How many people came to the family reunion?

Guess the movie Emoji Ed! (Crack the Emoji to find the Disney Movie!)

1. Ok let’s start easy. What Disney movie are we talking about?
The Lion King

2. This is a classic! Do you remember it?
Snow White

3. This one was pretty memorable, don’t you think?
Toy Story

4. First date, spaghetti? Does this movie ring a bell?
Lady and the Tramp

5. Who can forget the magical scenes in this amazing movie! Do you know which movie we are talking about?
Beauty and the Beast

6. Can you guess which movie we are referring to here?
Alice in Wonderland

7. Tricky, tricky... Can you guess the movie?
Princess and the Frog

8. Aladdin is at the marketplace. He is trying to steal an apple but as he grabs it, it falls out of his hands. He looks up and realizes that 20 eyes are looking at him. How many people are at the marketplace that day?

9. The car that came two places in front of the last car finished one ahead of the car that came fifth. How many cars were in the race?

10. Flounder the fish is the fiftieth fastest and the fiftieth slowest swimmer in his school of fish. Assuming no two swimmers are the same speed, how many swimmers are in Flounder’s school of fish?

 Fast Trivia Game (Ultimate Entertainment Quiz - Vegan Food Quiz)

1. OK meat-free minions, let’s get started. First up is an easy one. Would you consider this meal vegan?
Of course not!

2. Hmm, interesting. How about this breakfast? Is it vegan?
Don't be stupid, of course it's not vegan

3. Moving on... Can you fill in the gaps of this quote from founder of veganism, Donald Watson: “We can see quite plainly that our present civilization is built on the exploitation of _____, just as past civilizations were built on the exploitation of slaves…”

4. There are now plenty of notable vegans who serve as inspiration to others. Who wouldn’t we put in this category?
Donald Trump

5. Some countries are meat junkies, whilst others have a proud history of vegetarianism. Which of these is considered the lowest consumer of meat in the world by the United Nations?


6. Going vegan can be a confusing time for people. “You mean, I’m not allowed to eat THAT?” Which of these foods is off the list?

7. ‘Meat Is Murder’ is a popular slogan for the vegan movement. It was the title of the second album of which iconic rock group?
The smiths

8. Going vegan throws some interesting challenges into the mix when baking. Which of these makes a good egg replacement?
Flaxseed meal

9. Veganism now incorporates many movements. Which of these isn’t a legitimate vegan movement?

Non-committal veganism

10. World Vegan Day is a big celebration. No doubt you went chickpea crazy at the last one. But when is this annual affair?
November 1st

11. ‘Fake meat’ is almost as big as ‘fake news’ . Can you tell what meat this vegan meal is meant to be imitating?

12. Soy beans are a vital ingredient for vegans. But which of these products does not contain soy beans?

13. Veganism can be a headache for drinkers, as some beverages are made with egg whites or gelatin. Which of these drinks would you definitely have to pass up on as a vegan?


14. Here’s a cracking vegan start to the day. What would you call it?
Tofu scramble

15. If you’re vegan, you might be familiar with a joke or two at your expense. Can you choose the correct punchline? ‘How do you know if someone is vegan?’
Don't worry, they'll tell you

16. This little number is making the rounds in vegan circles at the moment. What’s its name?

17. Remember earlier we asked you which country eats the least amount of meat. But how about the most?

18. Lisa Simpson is a committed vegetarian, until she meets a so-called ‘level 5 vegan’. This means ______.
They won't eat anything that casts a shadow

19. British comedian Simon Amstell recently made a hilarious yet thought provoking mockumentary, set in a vegan future looking back at a carnivorous past. Do you know what it is called?

20. Let’s finish with a stand out quote from a notable vegan. Who said these wise words: “Why are vegans made fun of while the inhumane factory of farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit?”
Ellen Page

 Can You Find the Unicorn?

ATENÇÃO: As letras mudam de sitio mas acho que os painéis não, portanto os painéis serão:

1. Welcome to the magical forest! Watch for the squirrels, they like to throw acorns at newcomers. In the meantime, can you find the unicorn?
B (painel 2)

2. What are they all staring at? Find the unicorn and run before they do something creepy.
D (painel 4)

3. Hmm… there is something very weird about this forest. Can you see where the unicorn is hiding?
D (painel 4)

4. Finally, some friendly-looking animals. Can you spot the unicorn?
A (painel 1)

5. Here comes the chaos... Our unicorn loves it! Where is he?
C (painel 3)

6. I think you’ve fallen asleep… can you see where our unicorn is in this strange dreamscape?
A (painel 1)

7. Mind your step... and don’t eat the berries! Can you see where the unicorn is hiding?
D (painel 4)

8. Sparkles the unicorn is in the forest. She is helping herself to a nice big juicy apple. The monkey grabs the apple out of her mouth and starts to eat it. Sparkles notices that there are 18 pairs of eyes staring at the monkey. Based on the information you have been given, how many animals are in the forest in this moment?

9. The unicorns: Stardust, Umo, Windthorn and Highflyer are enjoying themselves playing in the forest. They notice 8 spiders in the tree, 5 cockroaches, 7 bees, 3 deer, 4 cows and a pair of antlers behind a bush. How many legs do all the numbered creatures amount to all together?

10. Stardust the unicorn, covered a distance of 50 miles on his first trip to the forest. On a later trip he travelled 300 miles while going three times as fast. His new time compared with the old time was:
twice as much

Disney Movies Quote Game (The Disney Movie Quotes Quiz)

1. What a classic! Do you know which movie this quote comes from? (Even miracles take a little time)

2. We love this one! Can you work out the Disney movie?

3. *Wipes away a tear* – do you know the Disney film this quote comes from?

4. This one is a gem! Which Disney film is it from?
Peter Pan

5. Nothing beats family! Which Disney character said this line?

6. Do you know which feisty Disney character said this line?

7. Do you know which Disney character said this immortal line?

8. Which Disney joker said this line?

9. Princess Anna decides to make a birthday cake for Queen Elsa’s birthday! Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven all add a different ingredient. When the cake mix has been combined, there is 1/4 of the flour left over, 1/3 of the butter, 1/2 of the sugar and 5/8 of the eggs. Anna used the most of her ingredient and Olaf used the least of his. Kristoff used more than Sven. Who used the sugar?

10. Robin Hood has captured three purses of money. The first purse holds two silver pieces, the second purse holds two gold pieces and the third purse holds one silver piece and one gold piece. You randomly choose a purse and pull out one coin. It is a silver piece – what is the probability that the other coin in the bag is also silver?

St Patrick's Day Quiz

1. Let’s start easy before the festivities really kick in! Tell us, what colour would you normally associate with St Patrick’s Day?

2. Which of these is not a national symbol of Ireland?
The thistle

3. You might have his name down to a T, but what is St Patrick famous for?
Bringing Christianity to Ireland

4. This little character is a popular symbol of the celebration. What is it called?

5. St Patrick’s given name was _______ .
Maewyn Succat

6. Which of these is NOT a typical trait applied to one of these guys?
They can cause hurricanes

7. Cities across the world like to let their hair down around St Patrick’s Day. Which city dyes the river green?

8. Fill in the missing words about Saint Patrick. When he became a priest, he changed his name to _______ which means ____________ .

Patricius/father figure

9. In America there are approximately how many people who have Irish ancestry?
33 million Americans

10. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the great man’s death. Do you know where he is said to be buried?

11. Despite a historic rivalry between the two countries, St Patrick’s celebrations are big across the water in England. Which of these two cities holds a two week Irish festival in the lead-up to the big day?

12. In 1892, a freak weather pattern hit the Southeastern United States on St Patrick’s Day. What was it?
A snowstorm

13. There is a town in the USA that proudly declares itself home to the “world’s shortest St. Patricks Day Parade”. Where is it?
Hot Springs, Arkansas

14. On the flip side of that, which American city plays host to the world’s LONGEST St Patrick’s Day parade?
New York

15. This island is the only other place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a national holiday. In which region would you find it?

16. Whilst St Patrick’s Day is internationally recognised, England, Scotland and Wales all have their own days celebrating their patron saints. Which of these is not one of them?
St Peter's Day

17. Riverdance is a popular activity on St Patrick’s Day. At which event did it receive international recognition?
Eurovision Song Contest

18. A popular black beverage originating in Ireland controversially (and mistakenly) showed a four-leaf clover rather than a shamrock in one of their advertisements. What other symbol appeared on the ad?
A maple leaf

19. Who knew that St Patrick’s day is celebrated way beyond the Earth’s atmosphere! In which year did this jolly green scene take place?

20. Any true fan of the Irish knows that Father Ted is obligatory-watching at any time of year, but particularly around St Patrick’s Day. But which one of these quotes from the cult show isn’t quite right?
"The whole Catholic thing's a puzzler isn't it?"

Spot the Difference! (St. Patrick's Day)

1. Let’s start with an easy one – can you spot the difference? (Cães com chapéu)

B (segunda - cor do chapéu)

2. This baby’s ready for St Patrick’s Day! Which one is different?
A (primeira -falta o trevo no joelho)

3. Getting harder! Which leprechaun is different?
B (segunda  - falta um risco preto na parte do lado direito)

4. Time for a dose of luck – which shamrock is different?
C (terceira - a folha de cima é maior)

5. Can you spot the difference here?
A (primeira - no fundo à direita tem um buraco pintado)

6. That’s one lucky kiss! Which one is different?
Painel 4 (Trevo grande da manga esquerda está posicionado mais abaixo)

7. Can you spot the difference here?
Painel 3 (O trevo de cima tem uma folha maior)

8. Yum! Which one is different?
Painel 2 (Falta um ponto branco no bolo verde mais à esquerda)

9. Can you spot the difference?
Atenção (as imagens trocam de sitio): Painel 1 (se A, B, C, D) ou 4 (se A, D, B, C) (a dobra na palma da mão por causa do dedo é menor)

10. On the wings of luck! Can you spot the difference?
Painel 4 (Os números junto à porta de trás são maiores)

Spot The Difference! (St. Patrick's Day)

1. Let’s start easy – which image is different? (ouro e cartolas)

C (terceira)

2. "At the end of the rainbow! Can you spot the difference?"
B (segunda)

3. Here’s a pot full of luck – which image is different?
C (terceira)

4. Getting tricksier! Can you spot the difference here?
A (primeira)

5. Where is the difference?
B (segunda)

6. All that glitters is not gold! Which image is different?
D (painel 4)

7. Time to do a jig – can you spot the difference?
A (painel 1)

8. This little leprechaun wants to wish you a happy St Patrick’s! But which one is different?
C (painel 3)

9. Can you spot the difference?
A (painel 1)

10. Which image is different?
B (painel 2)

Easter Spot the Difference! (Spot the Difference: Easter Edition!)

1. Let’s start with an easy one – can you spot the difference between these Easter bunnies?
B (cor)

2. He’s ready for a treasure hunt! Can you spot which image is different?
A (Laço amarelo)

3. Egg-cellent! Which one is different?
A (Bola branca no ovo azul)

4. Mmmmm, chocolate… Can you spot the difference here?
C (smartie azul claro ao pé do ovo é maior)

5. Can you spot the difference between these images?
B (orelha esquerda é maior)

6. Which image is different?
B (Painel 3 - Falta uma palha do lado direito do cesto)

7. Are you able to spot the difference between these sneaky rabbits?
C (Painel 4 - Na bola amarela faltam riscos no lado esquerdo)

8. Can you work out which image is different?

A (Painel 1 - Falta um pontinho amarelo na madeira do lado esquerdo do cesto)

9. This one is tricky! Do you have the eagle eyes to spot the difference here?
D (Painel 2 - O laço é maior)

10. Eggs-travaganza! Can you spot the difference?
C (Painel 4 - A bola vermelha tem um risco branco a menos)

Easy Easter Trivia (Easter Quiz)

1. What is the most popular jelly bean color at Eastertime in America?

2. Which of the following Easter treats was the first to be created and produced?
Full chocolate bunny (não são os hollow)

3. Easter always falls between these dates:
March 22 - April 25

4. The idea of the Easter bunny originated in which country?

5. According to statistics, which part of the chocolate Easter bunny do people bite first?
The ears

6. A traditional Easter food in Italy is called Colomba di Pasqua. It is often in the shape of a:

7. A traditional Greek Easter food is a brioche-like bread, called Tsoureki, decorated with hard-boiled eggs, and flavored with an essence drawn from which fruit?
Wild cherry

8. Which ingredient is not in the traditional Sinmel Cake?
Cocoa butter

9. Which German town is famous for the sweet Marzipan which is traditionally used for Easter cakes?

10. Pancakes are usually eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but what does the day actually stand for?
Going to confession

11. What does the Easter Bonnet symbolize?
The coming of spring

12. What is a Passion Play?
A play that tells a story from the Bible

13. Ash Wednesday is the first day of:

14. How is a not-cross bun different to a hot cross bun?

It has a face on it

15. Palm trees are an important religious symbol. How many species of Palm Trees are there in the world?

16. Traditional egg dyes were once made from natural items such as:
Onion peels

17. Which of these flowers is associated with Easter because of its symbolic significance to the Holy Trinity?
Passion Flower

18. Which of these ingredients does not traditionally go into a hot-cross Bun?
Cherry Syrup

19. The local university is allowing the town to use their large grounds to hold the annual Easter Show. The grounds are shaped like a rectangle and the students are in charge of planning the space. They decide to use 1/4 of the university grounds for the food stalls, and 3/8 of the grounds for the games and activities, how much space is left for the petting zoo?

20. Marty made two types of cookies for Easter. He used 2/3 cup of sugar for one recipe and 1 / 4 cup of sugar for the other. How much sugar did he use in all?

Easter Quiz

1. Which animal is associated with giving Easter gifts?

2. What do kids go on a hunt for at Easter?

3. On what day of the week does Easter fall on?

4. How many chicks do you see in this image?

5. Among Christians, Easter is celebrated as the day of?
Jesus' resurrection

6. In which country do children dress up as witches and wizards for Easter?

7. In what year was the first presidential “Easter Egg Roll” held at the White House?

8. For Easter, sometimes eggs are painted in red. What do they symbolize?
The blood of Christ

9. Lent is a Christian tradition of prayer and fasting. How many days does it last for?

10. What does a pretzel represent?

Arms folded in prayer

11. Not all eggs are chicken eggs. Which bird do these eggs come from?

12. How many chocolate Easter bunnies are made each year in preparation for Easter?
90 million

13. If you know your rabbits, what type of rabbit is pictured here? / Which American president started the tradition of the Easter Egg roll at the White House?
Mini Lop / Rutherford B. Hayes

14. It may not look like an Easter bunny anymore, but it was… once. Can you recognize the chocolate factory brand from the wrapper?

15. Which of these photos was not taken on Easter Island? / In which country was the biggest and tallest chocolate egg made?
D / Italy

16. What is the Easter tradition in Bermuda?
Breaking clay pots

17. Four Children are trying to reach the Chocolate Bunny which has been hidden on top of a tree. The taller children have an advantage. If David is taller than Chris, Chris is shorter than Charlotte, Charlotte is as tall as Sarah, Sarah is shorter than David. Which child is the shortest? / Complete this riddle: A finger is to a hand, as a leaf is to a _____?
Chris / Twig

18. In which country is it tradition to fold red eggs into a brioche-like bread?

19. Some chickens lay more eggs than others, depending on their variety. What variety of chicken is pictured here?
Rhode Island Red

20. You are given 2 Easter eggs. You have access to a 100-storey building. These eggs are either hard or very fragile, meaning you may or may not break them when they fall. Both eggs, are however, identical. You now are tasked with figuring out the highest floor you can drop the egg from without it breaking, you are only able to break 2 eggs in the process. How many drops will be needed?

SUPER Quick Easter Game! (Easter Logic Puzzle)

1. Can you unjumble this picture into the correct order?

2. Can you solve this egg-quation?

3. Lucy’s school is celebrating Easter by having a race in which the winner will get a basket of chocolate eggs. Lucy is the fiftieth slowest runner in the school. Assuming no two runners are the same speed, how many runners are in Lucy’s school?

4. What is the smallest number of chickens that can walk in this formation: two chickens in front of a chicken, two chickens behind a chicken, and a chicken between two chickens?

5. Betty, Max, Robert and Luke were all given 7 Easter eggs each. Betty stepped on two of hers, Max gave 5 of his away to his parent, Robert broke 4 of his and Luke ate all but one of his. At the end of the day, assuming all of the children ate all the eggs that were whole, how many eggs were consumed between the children?

 General Knowledge Quiz

1. Let's start easy, the leaves from this plant are a popular addition to South East Asian dishes. Do you know what they are called?
Kaffir Lime

2. Rome had many Emperors, but do you know which one of them was responsible for bringing Christianity to Western Europe, and consequently, America?
Emperor Constantine

3. Donkey Kong is one Nintendo's all stars. Do you remember the name of his cap toting little bro with the peanut shooting pistols?


4. This poor fellow is having a terrible day! He's being badgered by what type of creatures?

5. Do you know where this bridge is located?


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